Recurring Donation Terms and Conditions

Recurring Donation Terms and Conditions

1. Term or Period. Unless Donor stipulates a defined period, Anglican Frontier Missions (AFM) will process each donation on the 15th of each month, continuing indefinitely. Any requests made after the 12th of each month will begin in the next month.

2. Refunds. AFM will grant a refund in the full amount of the donation if requested prior to 30 days after the posting date of the charge.

3. Cancellations. Donor or AFM may revoke this agreement at any time for any reason. Cancellations must be requested prior to the 12th of the month to prevent a transaction from occurring within that month.

4. Receipts.
AFM will provide a written or e-mailed receipt for each transaction.

5. Authorization to Charge. Donor grants AFM the authorization, as indicated further below, either 1) to process an Automated Clearing House (ACH) direct withdrawal payment through a bank account or 2) to charge a credit card. Donor acknowledges and confirms ownership rights over the indicated bank account or credit card.

6. Updates. Donor must update his/her banking or credit card information when necessary. AFM will notify Donor if it becomes aware of the need to update any information.

7. Privacy Policy.
AFM will retain donor personal information and donation information for its own use and will not share this information outside of its organization. AFM will not retain banking or credit card information once it is processed in its respective third-party secure processing system.

8. Allocation of Donation.
AFM will not reallocate donation funds. Donor requests that the donation be provided for the above recipient.

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