What do you do if you have a burden for unreached peoples, but going overseas to the mission field isn’t an option right now?  The least-evangelized live thousands of miles from the US and have a different worldview, culture, and language.  They are not only unreached, but also apparently unreachable.  They are on a distant shore with no way to connect to them. How do we take the gospel to the least-evangelized at the ends of the earth, when we are located “here”?

The answer: we need a “bridge”.  Just as we build architectural bridges to connect communities to each other, so we can build spiritual bridges that take the gospel from the Church to the unreached.  In order to have a bridge, we need bridge builders who will use their talents in diverse ways to construct a broad, strong, beautiful bridge over which Jesus will cross into their culture.  Bridge builders keep the big picture of the whole bridge in mind, focusing on what it takes to effectively connect a local church with an unreached people group.    The type of bridge they build will depend on the unique needs of the people group and the church that is being mobilized for missions to them.

We invite you to be a Bridge-Builder with Anglican Frontier Missions and its Strategy Coordinators.  Regardless of your age, your busy life, or your health, you can play a significant, life-changing role in reaching a people group for Christ.    Contact us at for resources for developing an effective bridge-building ministry.


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