Strategy Coordinator

Do you have a passion to reach those who have no access to the gospel?

Are you a strategic thinker and able to lead others?

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to see a church-planting movement take root among an unreached people group?

If your answer to the above questions is yes, we invite you to explore the possibility of joining AFM as a Strategy Coordinator.

The core task of an SC is to facilitate a church multiplication movement among an unreached people group or urban area.

The role of an SC embraces the following jobs:

1.     Design and Implement a Comprehensive Strategy Writing, revising and executing  a ‘Master Plan’ together with a  team.

2.     Research and Survey Working towards an in depth understanding of the target group’s culture and worldview and social dynamics.

3.     Advocate Producing resources and updates to fuel prayer and awareness through print and social media and developing a prayer network.

4.     Network to Develop Resources, Projects and Partnerships.  Facilitating a network to mobilize personnel, funds and other resources to strategically resource an indigenous movement of churches.  Exploring ways for cooperation or partnerships with churches,  agencies and individuals and developing joint projects with a clearly defined framework

5.     Build a Team Providıng leadership and direction and setting the pace in cultural and language learning and grass root ministry as much as possible.

Job Qualifications:

·         Born-again Christian in good standing with a local church

·         Experience in cross-cultural church planting, evangelism and discipleship.

·         Fruitful on multi-cultural teams, organizations, or churches

·         Entrepreneurial & pioneering

·         Strategic Leadership: Able to analyze research and craft into a coherent plan.

·         Passion for the lost

·         Able to integrate Theology, Biblical Studies and Mission

·         Fluent in trade language of people group (Chinese, Turkish, Hindi, Arabic)

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