AFM Member Care

Anglican Frontier Missions provides member care for its missionaries during all phases of the process– from application through to retirement.

Why Member Care?


The average cross-cultural missionary will experience stress levels that are at least three times that of the average Christian worker in the US.   Those engaged in frontier missions work under even more stress.   They live and work under difficult conditions, have little to no Christian fellowship, and it can be a long time before their hard work bears much fruit.  In order to survive, and even thrive, on the mission field, they need special care and support.



Member care is the intentional ongoing preparation, equipping and empowering of missionaries for effective and sustainable life and ministry.   When member care is done well, it helps missionaries and their families to be more resilient in the face of their stressful situations, reduces the number of missionaries who leave the field prematurely, and improves the ability of missionaries and their families to transition into post-field life.



The primary aim of AFM’s Member Care is to help our workers stay strong personally, in their relationships and in their ministry. We strive to be proactive, providing resources that promote well-being as a part of their pre-field preparation process.  We also respond to special needs or crises as they arise. We seek to provide care from application to retirement; thorough physical, spiritual and emotional assessment; pre-field preparation and training; transition support and debriefing; and resources to meet needs that arise.

To download the complete Member Care document, click here. To contact Member Care, email

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